first week = awesome. second week? let's make it awesomer!

Last week was the first full week of Needle’s in the Hay’s fully operational status. Although, that said, I’m still waiting on a ton of orders. But things are slowly starting to fall into place, emails are arriving, orders are being sent, the engines of retail are starting to chug. And I’ve met some very nice people so far! Everyone who comes in seems to be pretty excited about this little endeavour. It’s very encouraging, and I thank you for it!

Then this past Monday Needles in the Hay was featured in the Business Beat segment on the CHEX local news – thanks to Stu Harrison for making that happen! – and it’s been a flurry of activity since then. Thanks to everyone, if you haven’t heard from me directly, for your interest!

Another big thank you is most certainly owed to Kate the Amazing for the marvelous Open/Closed sign she knit – and FELTED – for the shop! Seriously! And surprised me with it! Once again, Kate the Amazing lives up to her name… 🙂

This week, I’m crossing my fingers for Fleece Artist… Realistically, I know it won’t be here by the end of the week. My goal is to at least have an estimate of when it will be here. Also queued are Misti Alpaca, possibly some Louet Gems along with some Soak wash, and more needles! I’ll keep y’all posted.

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