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Alright, it is official! I’ve had several people ask me in the last couple weeks about knitting classes, so here we go! Classes will consist of four hours total, broken into two hours on two days. The first will be a knitting basics class – knitting for total beginners – on Wednesday February 17th and Wednesday February 24th, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. each day. The cost of this class is $35 inclusive. More complete info on this and other upcoming classes can be found on the “Classes” page of the website here:


If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment here, send an email (info@needlesinthehay.ca) or give us a call! (705-740-0667)

Also, I’ve had a lot of folks asking about knitters meetings, stitch’n’bitch nights, etc. At the moment, I’m not setting anything up formally. There are a lot of knitting nights happening in Peterborough, including one on Thursday nights that I’m pretty attached to, and this space is a little small to have a whole bunch of people come in and be able to knit comfortably together. However, I am trying to set up the shop so that it can be an informal meeting place for knitters in addition to the normal retail functions. I have a small table and chairs set up, and will soon be outfitting the window seat with some cushions so that knitters can settle there and knit and watch the world of Water Street go by! I fully encourage knitters to stop by with their projects, ask questions, and settle in for some knitting. And while it’s not on any schedule, I’d say Sundays are currently the best day for this, especially if you drive: there’s LOTS of street parking available on Sundays. Otherwise, I am open late on Tuesdays (tonight!) until 8 o’clock specifically to allow people who may work later than five the chance to stop in and spend a little time. My only caveat with this is that parking is more of an issue on Tuesday nights because of cheap movie night at the theatre down the street! So we’ll see how this plan works out over the next few weeks/months.

All in all, my first couple weeks as a business owner have been fantastic. I can’t wait to get the rest of the yarn in, get teaching some classes, and seeing some of the awesome things that you local knitters are going to make with this yarn!

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