happy Tuesday

Last night was the March installment of the Kniterary Night at the Peterborough Public Library, and it was awesome! (as an aside, I’m going to make a concerted effort to a) post about these things *before* they happen, and b) bring my camera and take some pictures! geez) Kristyn Woodfine of Pleasurecraft Yarns was in town to give a little talk about spinning – drop spindle spinning in particular – and let folks try it themselves! I was feeling a little timid about the drop spindling (I have a drop spindle, I swear I’m going to take it for a spin – haha! – one of these days!…) but it looked like great fun. I currently have some top-whorl drop spindles in the store, as well as a bit of roving (dyed Corriedale from Louet and hand-dyed Blue Faced Leicester – say that five times fast! – from Fleece Artist), so I really should face my drop spindling fears.

drop spindle station

In other news, tomorrow night is the last official Knitting Skills Drop-in session. Moving into April, I’m going to stay open *even* later on Tuesday night, say, until at least 9, and have more of a social knitting night. Now, I know, I know, several people have asked in the past couple months if I would do this, and my answer most of the time ranged from an “I’ll think about it” to a “I don’t think so”… So I’ll say it now: You were right, I was wrong. I really do want this store to be a social space, the table has a leaf in it, and the guardrail/backrests in the window seat are fully deployed, so what’s my problem, right? Exactly. Come one, come all, hang out, sit, knit, crochet, spin, and meet some fellow yarn-lovin’ folks.

This leads me to my next topic, a name. I feel like I need a name for this night. Some of you may know that “Stitch and Bitch” has become the defacto name for these kind of events, but I’m hesitant. Firstly, because Sadlier House has a Stitch and Bitch on Monday nights, and secondly, well, I kindof find “bitch” to be *ahem* not so ladylike. Call me oldfashioned (actually, people do all the time) but it’s not necessarily a word I want on posters in my window or possibly all over town… While not a fan of the mild swearing, I certainly am a fan of two things: alliteration and French. I was looking up knitting-related words in the trusty online English-French dictionary and do you know what the French word for hand-knitting is? Tricotage! Okay, so the two options I’ve come up with thus far are:

1) Tricotage Tuesday!


2) Mardi Maille! (Tuesday Stitch)

See the alliteration? See the French? Note, I don’t actually speak French, so if these contain grammatically brutal incorrectness, don’t blame me, blame the online dictionary! I am now officially accepting opinions on this Tuesday night-knitting-name topic…

  • Brenda
    Posted at 11:41h, 30 March Reply

    My sister lives in Peterborough and I will be visiting on Easter weekend. I have put your store on my must see list for our Satruday morning shopping tour.
    BTW – How about ‘knit knight’ for your Tuesday group?

  • needlesinthehay
    Posted at 17:00h, 01 April Reply

    I’m happy to hear the shop made it onto the Easter weekend Saturday morning shopping itinerary! And I will keep “knit knight” in mind! 🙂

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