Holy glockenspiel!

Dear readers and fans of Needles in the Hay,

I do apologize for my recent silence! It’s been a pretty whirlwind week since that lovely long weekend we had (hope you all enjoyed it!). The biggest news  is that I’ll be at the Peterborough Garden Show this weekend at the Urban Harvest booth selling seeds and yarn! It’s all come together in the last couple days so if you see me today or tomorrow with a bit of a glazed-over look in the eyes, this is why! Moreover, if you visit the store this weekend and I’m not here, this is why. Please be gentle with my “staff” (ie: family members) since they have agreed to cover for me with mere days notice and relatively little training… Better yet, come to the Garden Show! $5 admission and children are free! 🙂
PTBO3 119

(Black from Tula’s in the top/fore and Moonglows in the lower/aft, balcony tomatoes last summer)

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