Earth Day!

Firstly, I’m trying out some new looks for this little blog and trying out some new things… widgets they call them? Sounds pretty newfangled to me, but I’ll give it a try…

But more importantly, Happy Earth Day everyone! I couldn’t figure out exactly what to write for Earth Day. I find it difficult to talk about environmental responsibility – something I’m personally quite passionate about – without sounding… preachy?


(“Sundress” pattern by Debbie Bliss, knit with the new Eco Baby yarn, made of 100% organic and fairly traded cotton!)

Today has gotten me thinking about movies, documentaries specifically. Documentary is probably my favourite film genre, though I am by no means an expert, but I do watch a lot of them (while I’m knitting of course!). I think, in honour of Earth Day, I will share with you my shortlist of favourite documentaries I’ve seen in the last year (though some of them are older that I just hadn’t seen yet) that are in some way Earth Day-relevant…

1. The Future of Food(2004) A look at changes in the food system. As a gardener and former health food store employee (and general lover of food), food is a pretty important issue for me. I think the first ten minutes of this film is available on YouTube if you’re interested.

2. Blue Gold(2009) Water, or more specifically, the growing scarcity of it…

3. Addicted to Plastic(2009) Plastic, where it comes from, and more importantly, where it’s all going…

4.Waterlife(2009) The Great Lakes! From Superior to Ontario, a look at what’s going on with the lakes, the major threats, and what can be done to preserve one of the largest sources of fresh water. This film also features excellent music, and some of the instrumental pieces are streamed from the opening page of the website linked above. So don’t click Enter Site right away! Just turn your speakers on… 🙂

5. The Garden(2008) About a 14-acre community garden in downtown Los Angeles. And not the ritzy, flashy part either.

6. Food, Inc.(2009) By far my favourite! It’s well put-together, well-researched, and it’s about food. Not for the faint of heart, though. It *is* currently available through the CBC’s Passionate Eye, so you can watch it for free online here.

I think I like watching documentaries while I knit because I can convince myself that I’m being doubly productive! I’m knitting something useful AND I’m learning interesting and/or important stuff! But my watch-while-knitting list is certainly not limited to one specific genre, which leads me to wonder

What are your favourite things to watch/listen to while knitting?

  • Alissa
    Posted at 15:33h, 22 April Reply

    I also loved Food Inc.! I would also add The Cove to that list of must watch docs from this year.

    I watch a lot of TV shows on DVD (or downloaded) while knitting, especially science fiction shows (Battlestar Gallactica and Doctor Who being recent favourites).

    • needlesinthehay
      Posted at 08:22h, 26 April Reply

      I *love* Battlestar Galactica! and I’m a pretty big sucker for various other tv-on-dvd shows… I’m going to add The Cove to my movies-yet-to-see list… 🙂

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