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The Milkmaid stockings are done, but they’re at home for blocking* so that the lace looks all nice and pretty when I hang them up. So on to the next pair:

Midsummer Nights Dream socks by Natalie Bursztyn

Midsummer sock

I chose these because I knew I wanted to work them with Trekking XXL, and I really wanted to work with that yarn next. It only occurred to me this morning that tomorrow is technically midsummer: the summer solstice! The longest day of the year… all the more daylight for knitting, right? 😉

We do seem to be entering the sweltering phase of summer, the days of dressing all in linen and light cotton and moving as little as possible in the high heat of the afternoon. At least that’s the way it is for me – I must admit I am not a “summer” person… The heat this morning is a little much, and I might have been a bit of a grump about it if it wasn’t for my discovery of this:

The Year of the Blues – a radio series by Public Radio International. It’s currently airing on Inside the Music on CBC, but if you’re like me and don’t want to wait a whole week for an episode, the first link will take you to all of the episodes available to stream. I love blues music, especially oldtimey blues, and especially in the summertime. Maybe it’s the fact that most of these musicians made their music in the hot and sticky southern USA… or maybe it’s that this music about misery makes me feel thankful that my biggest complaint most summer days is just that I’m uncomfortably warm in the midday heat… Whatever it is, like bluegrass and old country, blues is a big part of my summertime soundscape, and I’m pleased as punch to have found this radio series.

So sip some lemonade and keep cool, my friends! 

*A note about blocking socks: I don’t block my socks every time I wash them. If you’re going to take photos of socks, especially lacy ones, when they’re lying flat (ie: not on a foot), then it’s probably worthwhile to block them. But it’s absolutely not essential for everyday wear…

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