Evening Stockings… progress

Evening Stockings, originally uploaded by needlesinthehay.

A quick post today to let y’all know I have not disappeared, nor have I forgotten about my blogging responsibilities, nor have I stopped knitting socks (quite the contrary!).

The Midsummer Nights Dream socks are finished, but I haven’t photographed them yet. I have to admit, they are not my favourite socks. Don’t get me wrong, the yarn is great, the pattern is great, but the yarn and the pattern together is… too much. There’s too much variegation (more than I realized) in the yarn for the pattern to show properly without a squint of the eyes and a tilt of the head. Under normal circumstances I likely would have ripped out the first sock and knit the yarn with a different pattern. But that would have been a major sock challenge set-back in regards to time. So I will photograph them, hopefully this weekend when it’s not so cold! (that’s the major holdup – I prefer to wear a skirt or shorts when I’m photographing the socks while they’re on my feet, and it really has not been skirts or shorts weather for the last few days. Never fear! That should change this weekend).

This brings me to my second order of business: I will be closing early today (Wednesday) to catch a ride up to the backcountry (aka my Mum’s) to spend Canada Day there, but I’ll be back bright and early on Friday and will be open all weekend (and closed on Monday as usual).
So, today: closed at 4 p.m.
Friday, Saturday, Sunday: open regular hours
Monday: closed

And since today was the last day for 10% off sock yarn, and I am short noticing you all regarding the early closure, I will honour 10% off sock yarn on Friday as well.

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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