Alright, I know. It’s actually now March 8th (and a happy International Women’s Day to you!) and I still haven’t posted my Orange! What the hay??

I had a lot of trouble feeling motivated about this project. Don’t get me wrong, I love the yarn, I love the pattern, I love the colour. But this sweater screams September-crisp-farmer’s-market-morning to me… In other words, it’s not a cardigan that I want to wear right now, which is generally how I choose what I want to knit. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but think of how awesome it’ll be to pull on the cowboy boots and a lovely orange cardi some cool September morning! September’s colour is brown, and I’m already dreaming of a Juneberry Shawl (by Jared Flood) in a warm chestnut hue… a perfect complement to my cinnamon rust cardigan…

February Lady - just needs to be blocked...

Which, evidently, is still waiting to be blocked. Better pictures post-blocking very soon!

I *have* been thinking a lot about the colour orange, and noticed it’s presence in a very particular part of my life: radio podcasts. Or rather, the logos for some of my favourites:


Shows like Radiolab, This American Life (is it red or orange? I can never tell), and a new one called 99% Invisible all seem to employ the colour orange in their website design or logos. I regularly listen to these programs while I’m sitting in the shop, they’re perfect for listening to while knitting, and, like watching documentary films, you feel like you’re learning something while you listen… while you knit… it’s a little bit perfect.

More on Orange and the upcoming Yellow? very soon… But for now, we have yarn:

Misti Chunky handpaints

Misti Alpaca, now in handpainted colours!

Pima Lino!

Diamond Luxury Pima Lino Lace, a laceweight cotton/linen blend. I don’t want to give too much away, but I’m thinking a laceweight cardigan would totally rock in this yarn, the PERFECT summer take-along garment, super light, super cool…

Debbie Bliss' Angel

Debbie Bliss’ Angel yarn, a kid mohair/silk blend that’s just GORGEOUS and supersoft. There’s a new pattern book for this one, and we have the new issue of Debbie Bliss magazine which features a few additional patterns for this yarn, though I know I’ve had my eye on the Butterfly vest for a while, and this would work up a charm for that pattern.

indigodragonfly on-the-shelf

And Indigodragonfly!! A whole load of sock weight yarn in fabulous colours with the best colourway names… and see that golden yellow colour right in the middle? Hmmmm…. how interesting…. 😉

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