Arroyo Dreams

For the last couple weeks I’ve been mulling over ideas for this awesome bounty of Malabrigo Arroyo, the hand-dyed super-squishy superwash sport-weight (how’s that for some “s” alliteration for you?). I’ll share with you my top five:

1. Ysolda Teague’s Garter Stitch Mitts

A free pattern for sweet little mitts knit back and forth, shaped with short-rows. Garter stitch looks great with variegated yarn, and you could easily get a pair out of a single skein. (P.S. Ysolda has a couple new books out which we will be stocking very soon – stay tuned!)

2. Michelle Johnston’s Twisted Rib Neckwarmer

Another free pattern that will look terrific in a low-contrast variegated yarn, this one employs a mock-cable pattern to add texture and structure. This would be a great into-to-knitting-in-the-round project (hint: sometimes it’s difficult to make sure your stitches aren’t twisted with a stitch count this high, so after casting-on, knit the first couple rows of ribbing back and forth – it’ll make it easier to join in the round twist-free, and you can use your cast-on tail to stitch up the gap afterward.) This project would also only use one skein!

3. Stephen West’s Boneyard Shawl

An awesome little pattern that works really well as an introduction to triangular shawls. You can choose to use yarn-overs (YO’s) as increases, or get some great practice with your M1’s (both left and right are used – if you want a project that will make you memorize which one is which once and for all, this is definitely it, which is super-helpful if you want to work on some of West’s other patterns, like one of my favourites: Daybreak). Boneyard is another free pattern, and would require 2 skeins of Arroyo.

4. Cecily Glowik MacDonald’s Goodale

A super-cute and innovatively-designed summer cardi with short sleeves and mini-pockets. It’s a one-piece top-down knit with raglan shaping (my *favourite* kind of sweater construction, so simple SO FAST, trust me). This would look great in variegated yarn and would be a terrific first-sweater project. The smallest size would require 2 skeins, the largest no more than 4. Perfection!

5. Amy Christoffers’ Pinoli Cardigan

I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while. I’ve been dreaming of a zip-up hoodie-style cardi for a while, and I think this may just be the ticket. In a sport-weight it would be perfect for throwing over summer dresses on cool nights, and would fit perfectly under my favourite jackets when the weather turns crisp again. I would knit this as-is in a low-contrast variegated yarn, or possibly knit in reverse-stockinette in a colourway that has more high-contrast colours. And maybe add some side-pockets? This would be a suitable project for an advanced-beginner, someone comfortable with knitting in the round. For more ideas, check out Amy Christoffers’ other patterns on Rav, there’s a surprising number of other sport-weight cardigans that would work really well: ‘Savoury Knitting’ on

Mmm, I love project-dreaming…

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