Fall 2012 Class Schedule!

(my test of the homework swatch for the new “Disaster Management for Knitters” class)

Hey everybody! As promised, our class schedule for this fall is finally ready and available on our website (and paper copies are in the store as well!). We are pleased to be able to offer crochet classes for the first time – guest instructor Monica Williams will be teaching an Intro to Crochet class in October and a Crochet II class (focusing on crocheting projects in the round) in November! Glenna will be back a couple times as well, in September for Lace 101 and a custom-fit Knee Socks class, and then in November for all things cabled – Twisted Stitches in the morning, and project-oriented fast bulky cables (perfect for Xmas gifts!) in the afternoon! I’m also debuting a new class, by popular demand, called “Disaster Management for Knitters” – a whole class focusing on how to identify and fix some common mistakes! We’ll look at how to fix unintentional yarnovers, how to rescue dropped stitches, how to rebuild garter and stockinette, how to insert an emergency lifeline, and lots more! A lot of people have asked about a class that focuses on these things, and while it’ll still be scary to fix problems mid-project (it always is!), practicing on a swatch will at least provide some practice in a low-pressure context. All the information can be found on our website here: http://www.needlesinthehay.ca/classes.html

As always, get in touch if you’d like to register! And just a reminder that the store WILL BE CLOSED next week through  Labour Day weekend, but you can definitely register when I come back on Tuesday September 4th!

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