I have a notion! (tons of them!)

A last-minute notions restock for any last-minute stocking-stuffing needs. You could probably just forward this to anyone who’s a notorious last-minute shopper who may or may not be looking for awesome little things to buy you… right? 🙂


Stitch markers! Rings, split rings, and locking styles!

december  2012 042


Stitch Markers – fancy ones!

december  2012


Darning Needles – plain ones, bent-tip ones, and Chibi’s with the plastic storage case!

december  2012 044


Point Protectors – for straight needles and circulars!

december  2012 045


Row Counters – Kachi Kachi mini and original!

december  2012 046


Needle Gauges – red with the magnifying bar, stitch-frame style for better gauge-counting, and sheep-shaped!

december  2012 047


Handmade Buttons – from domestic and imported wood sources, made in Hanover, Ontario!

december  2012 049


Shawl Sticks – small size back in stock! (and Sweater Stones just to the right!)

december  2012 051


And Pom-pom Makers – because, when in doubt, it needs a pom-pom on it. 🙂

december  2012 054


Have a great weekend everyone! The shop is open regular hours this weekend, and open MONDAY (Christmas Eve!!) from 10 -2!


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