Halloween Knits

There are just two weeks left until Halloween, which means now is the time to decide if knitted costume items are required!

Princess Leia Wig” anyone? Pattern by Jennifer Carter.


(photo © Jennifer Carter)


A costume fit for royalty? “St. Edward’s Crown” pattern by Elin Brissman.


(photo © Elin Brissman)


How about a flock of vikings? Crocheted “Viking Hat” pattern, by MyntKat, in sizes from newborn to adult!


(photo © MyntKat)


Or (possibly my favourite idea), send out a junior voyageur! A felted voyageur cap, a plaid shirt, a canvas rucksack (convenient extra candy carrying capacity), a canoe paddle? Bonus points for a lantern with an electric candle (safety!) tied to the belt. Please someone dress their child as this. And take pictures. (“Voyageur Cap” pattern by Sally Pointer/Wicked Woollens)


(photo © Sally Pointer/Wicked Woollens)

Check out Ravelry for more costume ideas (there’s tons!), and good luck with your spooky season preparations!

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