Back in the Yarn Shop

… and feelin’ fine! I had a great week of summer vacationing and now it’s suddenly September and it’s time to get cracking on some hardcore pre-winter knitting! While it’s sunny and warm outside today here in Peterborough, I know that high season of wearing all of my favourite handknits is just around the corner…

Without further ado…


The shop hours have changed again for the the fall, some elements have carried over from the summer (opening at 11), but we’re open ’til 6 on Fridays again and open 12-4 on Sundays (by far the best day for finding parking downtown!). And of course, still open late on Tuesdays for our weekly knitting social, “Purlez-Vous?”.

And while we eagerly await the arrival of our fall stock, there’s a couple new things that have arrived in the couple days since we re-opened…


Beautiful hand-crafted glass buttons by Carson Merriefield, a Peterborough ex-pat currently based in Batchawana Bay, Ontario. These would make a lovely addition to the brim of a hat or cuff of a mitten or glove, or maybe a closure for a classy little neckwarmer, don’t you think?


We’ve also been positively invaded by GOBSTOPPERS!


“Glad Rags” Parts 1 & 2, BFL DK-weight in 100g cakes, $30 each.


“Bee’s Knees” Parts 1 & 2, BFL DK-weight in 100g cakes, $30 each.


“Kibosh”, “Ant’s Pants”, and “Kippy” – Merino DK-weight in 100g cakes, $30 each.


“Eel’s Ankle”, “Dark & Stormy Night” (whoops! just sold!), and “Caper” – Merino fingering-weight in 100g cakes, $30 each.

I hope you are all surviving the back-to-school adjustment and the shocking realization that summer is somehow over(ish?). When in doubt, just keep knitting. 😉

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