Interlude KAL Update!

We’re halfway through our Interlude Knit-Along (aka KAL) and I’m trucking right along on mine:


But I realized during our first meetup (last Sunday) that the second meetup was scheduled for Sunday, June 19th, which it turns out is Father’s Day! Sorry Dads! I didn’t mean to overlook ya! It was also pointed out that the day before – Saturday, June 18th – is World Wide Knit In Public Day! So I figured, let’s just switch the day (and change the time! and the location!) and invite all of our knitterly friends!


So it’s Saturday, June 18th, from 2 til 4 at the Silver Bean/Millenium Park! There *are* tables and chairs at the Silver Bean, but especially if it’s a nice sunny day, maybe bring a chair of your own or a blanket and we can sit on the grassy side and have a lovely little knit in the park! Bring your Interlude KAL project if you’re working on it or bring something entirely different! Hope to see you there! 🙂

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