A Tale of Two Ponchos & Katia Concept

Ponchos are the hottest hand knitted garment around this spring and summer. In our last blog we told you all about the wonderful Stone Point Poncho in The Fibre Co’s Luma Dk. (click here for more details)










Now we have another great Poncho on display in Cotton Yak from Katia Concept to get you inspired. You can get the pattern their website (click here), or we have the book in store which includes 20 summery projects.

The Katia Concept collection is a minimalist idea that values beauty, richness of materials, purity of colour and texture and timeless simplicity all at a great price.

Cotton Yak is a select blend of natural fibres that strikes the perfect balance between the freshness of cotton and the softness of yak fibre to create an ideal yarn for all seasons.


We also have All Seasons Cotton, a 100% combed and mercerized cotton which is a composition of exclusive cotton fibre that, thanks to its unique length, gives the effect of warmth and lustre. We are in love with this versatile tunic sweater  (click here) which comes in the pattern book.

Finally, Silk Viscose is a subtle fancy yarn that blends the premium quality of silk with the personality of viscose. This great jacket (click here) will be a wardrobe staple and we love the tasteful fringe.



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