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Imbue Sport

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Imbue Sport’s 3-ply construction creates a soft, springy yarn that gives gentle drape to stockinette and subtle definition to textured stitch patterns. Worsted spun from fine American Merino wool, Imbue Sport knits up into lightweight fabrics with a lofty, plush hand.

Rare in a worsted spun yarn, Imbue Sport’s heathered colorways are blended from an assortment of fleece-dyed solid colors, creating richly complex shades that harmonize beautifully in colorwork and stripes.

In a versatile sport weight that knits beautifully at a wide range of gauges, Imbue Sport is an ideal choice for lightweight sweaters and accessories.

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  • 190 yds (174 meters) | 50g | Sport weight
  • 3-ply worsted-spun construction
  • 20.5 micron Merino wool from Utah & Nevada
  • Wool scoured at Chargeurs Wool USA, Jamestown, SC
  • Top dyed at Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Valdese, NC
  • Spun at Kraemer Textiles, Nazareth, PA
  • Finished at Meridian Specialty Yarn Group, Gastonia, NC

100% developed, sourced, processed, dyed and spun in the USA.

Imbue Sport’s springy worsted-spun construction knits beautifully at a wide range of gauges:

  • 5¾ - 7 stitches to 1"
  • Suggested Needle: 3.25 - 4 mm (US 3-6)
  • Suggested Hook: 3.5 - 4.5 mm (E-4 - 7)

Fibre Characteristics:
The wool for Imbue Sport comes from Merino sheep raised in Utah and Nevada. An ancient breed hailing back to 12th century Spain, the “King of Sheep" is renowned for supremely soft and dense finewool fleeces with lively spring, velvety luster, and superb vibrance of color when dyed. Ideal for lightweight sweaters and accessories, Imbue Sport’s worsted spun 3-ply construction brings smoothness and durability to this wonderfully soft wool.

Learn more about  worsted-spun yarns.

Dye Process:
Like an artist mixing their paints, Brooklyn Tweed blends brilliantly dyed hues of unspun wool in precise proportions to create each colourway of Imbue Sport. When spun, these bright solid colours mingle into richly heathered shades of beautiful depth and luminosity, ensuring harmonious cohesion across the entire palette for colorwork projects or when pairing separates in your hand knit wardrobe.

Imbue Sport is a handcrafted product. For best results, we recommend alternating skeins when joining in a new skein for even color distribution.

Your project isn't finished until it's had its first wash! Follow these steps to watch the yarn bloom into its full beauty.

  • Fill a sink or basin with cold water.
  • Add a small amount of gentle soap or detergent.
  • Submerge your knitted item, gently squeezing out any air bubbles so that the piece remains completely underwater.
  • Soak until completely saturated, for at least 10 minutes. While Brooklyn Tweed dyes are thoroughly tested for colourfastness, a small amount of excess dye may rinse free during soaking. Using cold water, soap or detergent, and a short soak time will help prevent colour redeposit on light-colored fibers.
  • Drain your wash water and refill with cold water to rinse. (Skip this step if using a no-rinse soap or detergent.)
  • Gently lift your knitted item from the water and remove excess moisture by rolling it between clean, dry towels with light pressure.
  • Lay fabric flat and shape to air dry.