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Summer Knitting Series: Ethan’s top 5 Projects That Aren’t Socks on Docks 

Summer Knitting Series: Ethan’s top 5 Projects That Aren’t Socks on Docks 

The mighty socks on docks summer movement shall not be stayed, but for those of us who want more than turning a heel this summer this five part series on great warm weather knitting projects from shopboy Ethan is for you. Keep an eye on this as each article will focus on project types, specific patterns for a range of skill levels, and the different great resources and products we have in store to make your summer knitting the greatest yet. 

Week 1: Mittens 

“They’re like socks for your hands!” 

If you’re already sold on socks on docks as your summer knitting plan but can only wear so many socks at once why not double the fun and add mittens to your summer knitting habits? Mittens are a great summer knitting project for a lot of reasons: they are portable, quick to finish, have endless variety, and you always need new ones. Mittens can be knit in any weight and out of almost any yarn and don’t forget the dream of knitting mittens in a durable outer wool with a luxurious soft interior. Below are my picks for favourite mittens this year!

Scandes by Aidrian Bizilia

Knit in worsted weight and requiring very little yarn for each colour Scandes is a great project  for sweater knitters to use up their odds in ends of favourite yarns! 


34th& 8th by Spillyjane

Delicate and art deco inspired these mittens are a love letter to the 1920’s and their influence on NYC. These mittens crave high contrast colours and only take one skein of Loft from Brooklyn Tweed in each colour.


Ghostwood Mitten by Kiyomi Burgin

Brooklyn based Canadian expat, Burgin, has created a stunning and simple mitten designed to allow you to take full advantage of a luxurious combination. To really make these mittens sing choose two yarns that are closely related in colour for a subtle marl and that contrast greatly in texture. 

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Cheryl Hiland - June 7, 2018

Much more fun than socks. I’m starting Scandes this weekend. Thanks Ethan!

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