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Introducing Dapple

Introducing Dapple

Dapple from Brooklyn Tweed on Vimeo.

Fibre Characteristics

Brooklyn Tweed fell in love with the idea of woolen-spun cotton, a less-common blending and carding process that preserves the loft and softness of cotton, while maintaining a downy, natural look to knitted fabrics. They sourced organic Texas cotton from Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative to combine with the finest US Merino wool that they could find, with a goal of creating a yarn that “knits like wool and wears like cotton”. The sweet spot – a 60/40 wool and cotton blend that balances cotton’s breathability and softness with Merino’s memory and bounce. Dapple creates sweatshirt-soft fabrics that are perfect for next-to-skin wear while preserving the natural look of heathered wool.

Easy wearing with near-to-the-skin smoothness, Dapple delivers as the perfect go-to yarn for buttery soft baby sweaters, summer shawls and all-season apparel. This woolen-spun yarn is a blend of 40% Texas organic cotton and 60% Merino wool from Colorado. The spring and bounce of plump wool anchors this 2-ply DK weight yarn, providing structure and memory to your knitwear. Concurrently, cotton’s smooth hand softens wool’s rustic texture, making Dapple a dream for those knitters who crave a downier feel.

Dye Process:

Dapple’s unique blend of wool and cotton transcends traditional solid colors. Dyed in the skein with traditional wool dyes, Merino absorbs the majority of the color, leaving desaturated dots of organic cotton throughout. This nuanced result evokes the dimensionality of a good tweed and engages the knitter with rich tonality. Experiment with the greater variability of dark tones or paint your project with a lighter, less variegated colorway.

Organic cotton slubs shine throughout, creating marled and richly tonal effects within the colorways. With saturation ranging from light to dark in hue, each skein is a unique iteration with no dye lots to coordinate, making every project truly one-of-a-kind. Dive into this inspiring playscape and embrace the creative possibilities of multifaceted color. Experiment with fades, ombres and nuanced, blended fabrics — let Dapple do the work. The curated palette of 11 colors includes modern neutrals and vibrant jewel tones, uniting lovers of cotton and wool loyalists alike.

The Concept

The idea for Dapple is rooted in Brooklyn Tweed’s values of domestic sourcing and sustainable textile production. Organic cotton was the perfect choice for Brooklyn Tweed's first foray into natural fibers beyond wool – its softness and durability make it an ideal complement to fine Merino wool. American cotton also has a complex history, which still reverberates today.

The history of plantation slavery in the US was made possible by displacing indigenous communities from their land, and legalized the brutal exploitation of enslaved Black people. It also devastated the land through overproduction and unsustainable farming practices. As the American fiber supply chain grows ever more fragile, investing in domestic textiles and beneficial agriculture critically promotes a positive future for workers' health, financial success and environmental regeneration.

Sales from Dapple will contribute 3% profit to the National Black Farmers Association in perpetuity to support farmers who have historically been excluded from land ownership. No complex issue can be solved overnight, but moving towards a more sustainable future is crucial to Brooklyn Tweed's values of domestic sourcing, equity and antiracism.

We thank you for joining us in honoring the past and celebrating the future, through the lens of a beautiful yarn worthy of generations of heirloom knits. Together, this complex story is Dapple.


Project Ideas for Dapple

GINN by Jared Flood

The ease of a cool summer evening will settle across your shoulders when you slip into this classic raglan pullover. Dapple’s wool cotton blend provides just enough warmth to stave off a crisp coastal breeze, while still letting the salt air kiss your skin. Throw Ginn over a beach chair until sunset and then wrap yourself in cozy comfort as the day’s heat sinks beneath the horizon. The effortlessness of this top-down pullover with three sleeve length options cannot be overstated. Ribbed details on the sleeve enrich the stockinette body, adding interest to the knit and depth to the design without distraction. The staple sweater you’ve been hunting for is here.


Urtia by Jared Flood

Ensure your comfort during balmy weather shifts with the Urtia hat. Dapple’s cotton content has a smooth, cool hand — the perfect counterbalance to wool’s warming properties. The dreamy blend of cotton and wool makes this a hat you will reach for year-round. Worked with alternating columns of brioche and traditional rib, this textural hat is a sensory wonder in both fiber and stitch. Weather the shoulder seasons in comfort with this breathable accessory.

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