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mYak's Journey starts in the Tibetan Plateau and ends with you!

mYak's Journey starts in the Tibetan Plateau and ends with you!


After meeting mYak co-founder Paola Vanzo at TNNA in June, we connected immediately and knew that we needed to bring home this beautifully softy and heartwarming ethically sourced yarn.

mYak is the story of a journey that started on the Tibetan Plateau with its nomadic people, and landed in Italy, at the foot of the Alps, where the traditional culture of yarn-making meets style. It’s the story of a natural and human wonder. It’s the story of mountain peoples united in their ability to appreciate the beauty and strength of a natural fiber that is among the most precious and most rare in the world.

Baby yak fibre soft as cashmere, warmer than merino wool, this smooth undercoat protects the animals even when the outside temperature plummets to minus 40 below. Baby yaks’ undercoat is a very fine and extremely strong natural fiber that allows the garments made with this yarn to have an almost infinite life-span and to be handed down from one generation to the next. Exactly like the wisdom at the heart of yak herding and of the manufacturing of the yarn obtained from their undercoat.

Learn more about how mYak came to be by visiting their website here.

We are starting by carrying the Baby Yak Medium worsted weight and Baby Yak | Silk Fingering weight yarns.

There is already a whole host of beautiful patterns for you to explore. mYak has had great design support with patterns from favourite designers Melanie Berg, Michele Wang, Joji Locatelli and Olga Buraya-Kefelian.

Here are some of our Favourite projects to inspire you to try this exciting new yarn. Come visit us in the shop to see our completed verions of Joji Locatelli's Hipster Shawl in mYak Baby Yak Medim, and Fading Point in Baby Yak | Silk Fingering.

We love the latest issue of Pom Pom with features amazing photography and fashion forward designs. This Sojourner Shawl by Xandy Peters in worked up in Baby Yak | Silk!

Joji Locatelli is one of our perennial favourites! Her Fading Point wrap is a masterclass in shaping, as well as being a super satisfying but also relaxing knit. It may seem daunting, but it's knit in two pieces and the colour chevrons mean that it feels like it's going by really quickly! We used Baby Yak | Silk in Daikini, Savitri, Prana, Parvati, and Indra!

Joji's Hipster Shawl in Baby Yak Medium is a super wearable cresent shape that can be draped over your shoulders or worn as a scarf. We are also a bit of a sucker for a tasteful fringe. Come see ours which is knit in the Saffron colourway.

Two Roads by Melanie Berg is all about texture and beautiful winding cables. The i-cord bind off also gives it a really professional finished look. We love Melanie's Shawl patterns too because they're always so generously sized. You can also get this one in her new Shawl book.  Knit in Baby Yak Medium.

So, this kinda goes without saying, who wouldn't want to snuggle up in this amazing coatigan by Michele Wang? Those cables! Those pockets! Perfection. Kailash is knit in Baby Yak Medium.


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