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Self-Care Slipper Knit Along

Self-Care Slipper Knit Along

Ahhhh…. Gift knitting season is over. Your friends and family loved all the beautiful things you made for them and you’re feeling pretty good about yourself. The pressure is off, and now it’s time to make something for YOU. A reward for all the selfless knitting you did over the fall.

What could be cozier and more comforting in January than a pair of woolen slippers? Simple and chunky, Colourful or cabley, we’ve picked out some of our favourite options for you to cuddle up with.

Meet-up Dates:

Sunday January 12 – 1pm to 3pm

Sunday January 26 – 1pm to 3pm

As always, participation in the KAL is free with yarn purchase, either in store or online. Feel free to come to as many or as few meetings as you please! Deanna will be there to help you decipher your project and cheer you to the finish line.

Pattern suggestions:

Inglenook by Adrian Bizilia
Knit them with 4 skeins of Ranch 02: Forbes, or 3 skeins of Shelter

When Adrian designed these she envisioned them being worn scrunched down, with your softest, most comfortable pants, while you enjoy the warmth of a fire or cozy up with a blanket on the sofa with a good book or movie and your knitting. We think they’d be fabulous in Ranch 02: Forbes for a more defined and squishy feel. Shelter for those looking for something more light and rustic.

Arctic Starflower Slippers by Kajsa Vuorela Fredriksson
Knit them with 3 skeins of Ranch 02 or 3 balls of Lettlopi

These slippers are knitted in the round and from heel to toe. The delightful tiny white flower called Arctic starflower, also known as chickweed wintergreen, was the inspiration for this design.

We think it works perfectly with the earthy palette of Ranch 02: Forbes, for soft dense slipper. Lettlopi would be an excellent choice for a slipper that will have a fuzzy look and will stand up to wear.

California Comfort by Andrea Mowry
Knit them with 2 skeins of Malabrigo Chunky or Spud & Chloe Outer

Deanna has already made 2 pairs of these slippers in Malabrigo Chunky. They are delightfully squishy and knit up very quickly. These slippers are worked from the top down with an afterthought heel. You will knit in some smooth waste yarn where the heel will be placed and then continue knitting the foot, trying it on as you go to measure where to start your toe shaping. After you are finished with the main body of the slipper, you will go back and remove that waste yarn, exposing live stitches to knit the heel.

Woodland Loafers by Claire Slade
Knit them with 1-2 skeins of Malabrigo Chunky or 2-3 skeins of Spud and Chloe Outer

The Woodland Loafers are cosy little hugs for your feet and they are also super quick to knit. Incorporating heel, toe and sole shaping these slippers are designed to fit and stay on your feet. They are knit both flat and in the round so there is absolutely no finishing required.


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