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Summer Knitting Series Week 5: Seamed Sweaters

Summer Knitting Series Week 5: Seamed Sweaters

“Cool knitting, warm wear”

Every fall a chorus of knitters asks me for the quickest sweater to knit for the fall before the fall ends; my advice, start in August. Knitting a sweater in the summer months is a great pleasure, a wonderful garment waits for you to start the fall with and the key to enjoyment is to knit in pieces. I could, and probably will, write an entire book about sweaters and one of my key points is the value of seams. Seamless sweaters are all the rage and I have made a few myself but nothing will ever replace a seamed sweater for portability, finished lines, and durability. The greatest summertime benefit of knitting your sweaters seamed is that the pieces are all relatively small even for a large cardigan, plus there’s no fighting an entire sweater to knit the sleeves.

Exeter by Michelle Wang

What else is there to say? Exeter is a timeless cardigan with an appeal that transcends gender and age. Delicate lace combines with Michelle’s visually stunning sprawl of cables creates an endlessly interesting fabric that is never overwhelming. Wide double breasted panels of ribbing flow up into a pointed shawl collar that calls the eye at the back of the sweater. Lastly the best part, pockets, deep enough to hold your cell phone but knit into the sweater for integrity. 

Recommended Yarn: Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed



Rustique by Glenna C. 

A sweater related to the very roots of this shop, Rustique represents a wonder and trove of Canadian knitting. Seamed and structured this sweater will keep you cozy all fall and into early winter. With the wide palette of worsted weight yarns in our store your finished Rustique can be as individual as you. 

Recommended yarn: The Croft by West Yorkshire Spinners



Stags Head Pullover by Norah Gaughan

Easy? Absolutely not. Worth it? Every single time. Norah is incomparable, her designs do things and are constructed in ways that make me gasp and thrill with delight and to quote Jared Flood, “How could I resist?” 

The star of the show on this pullover is the giant cabled stags head placed just so beneath the collar. If I only ever knit this sweater and not a single more I think I would be satisfied.  

Recommendation: start with the sleeves and the back, that gorgeous front will take no time to knit once you get started!

Recommended Yarn: Ranch 01 by Brooklyn Tweed


Kiuru by Sari Nordlund 

Laine magazine has brought so many new and wonderful patterns to all of our needles and this fingering weight cabled pullover is a personal obsession. Light sweaters add warmth without weight, fit easily under coats (or other sweaters), and take time to knit but if you start now it could be yours by fall! Thoughtful details and a beautiful shape to the collar really make this sweater special. 

Reccomended Yarn: Peerie by Brooklyn Tweed



Limpa by Bristol Ivy

Pop-overs aren’t just delicious treats they are also comfortable, useful, and beautiful garments that enhance any knitters wardrobe. Limpa combines the shell trend with brioche worked in a bulky yarn. For a quick and wonderful addition to your fall and winter wardrobe whip one of these fabulous little tops up and get ready for the coziest cool months ever. 

Reccomended Yarn: Quarry by Brooklyn Tweed



Ravenstone by Sarah Hatton

Seamed raglan sweaters will last a lifetime and the elegant shaping and twisted stitches of Sara Hatton’s excellent update will freshen up your closet and give you a sweater than can be worn right next to the skin or layered. Pick a colour that will go with everything in your wardrobe and get ready to live in this sweater. 

Reccomended Yarn: Arranmore Light by the Fibre Co.

-Ethan Barclay-Ennew

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