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Seeknit Shirotake Double Pointed Needles 6"/15cm

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Double pointed needles are ideal for knitting small circumference items like socks, gloves, sleeves, hats and baby accessories. Attach a rubber stopper to one end to use as a single pointed needle as well. Comes in a package of 5.

Each Kinki Amibari knitting needle is diligently handmade from 100% specially selected environmetally friendly Moso and Timber bamboo grown in Japan.

Founded in 1916, Kinki Amibari offers 100 years of expertise. All Kinki Amibari circular needles feature a flexible rotating joint that prevents twisting, and a flexible cord allowing for smooth knitting.

Kinki Amibari takes great pride in the quality of their products. We have confidence that the quality, beauty, and practicality of these needles will bring you joy for years to come!