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Shirotake Interchangeable Crochet Hook Set (5.5”)

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Crafted out of silky smooth, dexterous bamboo, Kinki Amibari's iconic Shirotake interchangable crochet hooks come in a plush minimalistic case. This Premium set is perfect for crocheters who love the soft hand and uncompromising durability and flexibility of bamboo.

The set includes:

8 Interchangeable Crochet Hook Tips

Product  Size US Size Product ID Screw size
3.50mm E/4 06927 M2
4.00mm G/6 06929 M2
4.50mm 7 06931 M2
5.00mm H/8 06932 M2
5.50mm I/9 06933 M4
6.00mm J/10 06934 M4
6.50mm K/10.5 06935 M4
8.00mm L/11 06937 M4


6 cords (40cm, 60cm, 65cm, 2 of 95cm, 115cm)

Cord Length ID Number Screw size
40cm(16″) 05855 M2
60cm(24″) 06146 M2
95cm(37.5″) 06350 M2
65cm(26″) 06569 M4
95cm(37.5″) 06149 M4
115cm(45.5″) 06150 M4

2 sizes of Stoppers

M2 1 Piece
M4 1 Piece