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Brooklyn Tweed: Apart Together

Brooklyn Tweed: Apart Together

Pay What You Choose —  Support How You Can


A message from Brooklyn Tweed:

In the wake of the developing pandemic of COVID-19, there remains a lot of uncertainty and fear. But we have also seen an encouraging surge of compassion and generosity from our community. Though socially isolated, our hearts and minds are aligned in brainstorming ways to bolster this interconnected network of small businesses, makers and designers.

Our industry is founded on the hard work and full hearts of beloved brick-and-mortar local yarn stores. Many are shuttering their doors to help flatten the curve and stop this virus from spreading. By looking out for their customers and employees and putting global health first, they find themselves in a potentially tenuous financial situation. We also know that many of our knitters work in public-facing industries and have no remote work options, placing their income at risk. All of us here at Brooklyn Tweed want to help.

In pursuit of that, we are launching our new initiative – Brooklyn Tweed: Apart Together.

We are humbled to help you through this difficult time and happy to provide an accessible price point for your comfort knitting.

How It Works:

With this initiative, we are offering all of our customers who are experiencing financial hardship during this stressful time the ability to purchase Brooklyn Tweed yarns at a more accessible price point. We, your LYS,  get credit on the discounted difference of each yarn sale. The initiative starts on March 18 and ends on May 15, 2020.


The Details:

First, shop with us or your local BT stockist. You can select your skeins with confidence, knowing that Brooklyn Tweed will make up the difference between what you spend and what we would have made. You pay less but we still earn the full price!

Here are the discount Codes you can apply at checkout.


Together10 = 10% DISCOUNT

Together20 = 20% DISCOUNT

Together30 = 30% DISCOUNT

These codes will work for all Brooklyn Tweed yarns in our online shop. You can find the eligible products here:



Thanks as always for your support! I have been so encouraged by the amazing response in our community.


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Bonnie Jull - September 9, 2020

Hi Deanna, Love the Meadow you suggested for me and my hat! The yarn is stunning.
Now I’d like to take advantage of the BT offer. When I looked online the colours are nowhere near the colours I have in my stash. I am looking at Loft and Carol Feller’s cardigan. I have some Faded quilt and Blanket Fort. Have they changed so much in the last couple of years?

Noreen O'Rinn - March 24, 2020

Together Apart is a beautiful concept. Thank you for being such an amazing company. I have loved your yarns since the moment I first laid eyes on them. Now, I have undying love for Brooklyn Tweed. I am humbled by your generosity and your concern for the community. Please know that I am truly grateful and that I will purchase Brooklyn Tweed for as long as I continue to knit, which I hope will be for the rest of my life.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Jennifer Setton - March 24, 2020

I’m going to choose and purchase a pattern and look forward to buying the yarn soon. Thank you to BT yourselves and our amazing knitting community

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