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Crochet Curious CAL

Crochet Curious CAL

Hi Fibre Friends!

Deanna here. I hope everyone is having a great spring so far!

The warmer weather combined with some fun new spring yarns has really inspired our whole crew to dive head first into crochet.

Grace has always been a crochet expert and is having a fun time sitting back and watching our journey. Sarah, Natalie, and Shae all knew how to crochet but were rusty and have been brushing up, and I had never picked up a hook until a few weeks ago.

I thought it would be fun to Run a Crochet Along, specifically for knitters who are crochet curious, but also still fun for the experienced crocheters among you.

I’m going to share my experience as an English style knitter who is in the midst of learning how to crochet! Spoiler - I started by crocheting a bit weird to overcome the learning curve, and that’s ok! You do you, but if you’re an English style knitter that’s never crocheted before, maybe my style will work for you as well.

Why Crochet? I haven’t been much interested in crochet until lately. I learned it because I fell in love with a shawl that was designed in Nightshades yarn, and that was the push I needed. It was so rewarding to learn something new - it has opened up a whole new world of opportunities.

Miruna Shawl

While I still think knitting is number one when it comes to most garments, the structure, sturdiness, and 3 dimensional nature of crochet stitches are perfect for bags, hats, wall-hangings, bins, plant covers, and all kinds of fun and useful things.

I’m putting together a Series of videos to show you how I’ve learned to crochet tensioning the yarn with my right hand, in addition to showing the traditional way. I’m planning to post them on our YouTube channel for the kick off of our Crochet Along - Friday May 26, 2023

Here are the details for the CAL:

The CAL will take place in our Virtual Knit along Facebook Group. If you aren’t already a member, <<you can join here>>. I will be available in the group to help out and it’s also a great place for project chatter and to share our work and encourage each other.

Anyone can participate in the CAL with yarn purchase from Needles in the Hay.

Kick Off Date: Friday May 26, 2023
Wrap up Date: Friday June 30, 2023

PRIZE! The CAL prize is an Olive colour Craft Caddy with Leather Handles. Valued at $68.75.

Here’s How to get your name entered into the Prize Draw:

  1. Begin your project, take a picture and post to Facebook or Instagram and tag us @needlesinthehay. Bonus points if you use the hashtag #knitterboro. This will be your registration, and must be done by June 2nd, 2023.
  2. Take a pic with your finished object and tag us. If you post your pic by June 30, 2023 you’ll be entered into the draw for the Kraft Caddy.

We will make the draw after the July long weekend.

OK, now the fun part. Let's build a project! These are some suggestions from me, but feel free to pick any crochet project.

Project Ideas:

Sunburst Circle Bag
by ChiWei Ranck
3 Spools of Ra-Ra Raffia

This is the Project I’m working on with Ra-Ra Raffia in Cinnamon Dust! Puffs, clusters, and eyelets are on full display in this mandala circle bag which is perfect for the beach! The bag also features a simple, rustic handle.

Deanna's version of the Sunburst bag

Stefania’s Hat
By Olha Bilyk
2 Spools of Ra-Ra Raffia

The stylish hat spoke to me right away and is perfect for keeping the sun off your face in the garden and at the beach this summer.

For More Raffia project ideas, <<peruse my bundle on Ravelry>>

Sakura Market Bag
By K.A.M.E. Crochet
1 Ball of Louisa Harding Provence

This project has gone a little bit Needles in the Hay “viral”. Sarah had the smart idea to give this a go in the New Louisa Harding yarn, Provence and it turned out amazingly. Everyone who sees it wants to make one. Natalie was inspired by sarah and is now making three! One ball is enough, and if you add an extra chain row you’ll use up almost all of the yarn.

by Julia Madill
Kelbourne Woolens Mojave, 5 skeins of Colour A, 1 skein each of Colours B,C, and D

I’m also working my way through this lovely tote bag with interior pockets! I decided to pick some of the brightest colours in the Mojave palette to add some extra fun. Making the squares has really helped me master the magic ring technique because I’ve had to do it 20 times in short succession. You can never have too many bags.

Solana Bag
By Bruna Biavati
The Fibre Co. Meadow held Double: Colour A 1 skein, Colour B, 1 skein (could substitute for Luma and hold single stranded). The Fibre Co. Luma Colours C,D, and E 1 skein each.

Solana Bag is a granny square accessory inspired by summer sunshine. It has a warm, retro colour palette and style balanced with a clever construction. The laceweight meadow is held double, and could be substituted for Luma. A diagram is included to help with the making up.


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