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Embrace the Floof

Embrace the Floof

Ok I’ll admit it. When I first bought the shop back in 2016 one of the first yarns a sales rep showed me was a silk mohair. At the time, I thought this was surely a passing fad. Fluffy would be “in” for a season or two then we’d move on to the next thing.

Well, I gotta say, I was totally WRONG. Nearly 7 years have gone by and the floof is stronger than ever before, and the sales reps are showing up with more and more fluffy options. I’ve learned to appreciate its dreamy quality and the way a fluffy yarn can dress up, or soften up, some of our more rustic wooly yarns.

Our selection of floofy yarns learns more towards Suri Alpaca than mohair. This is because we find that the Suri is a lot softer against the skin, and works very well for people who might find mohair to be a bit itchy.

Ever since our latest fluffy yarn Uma came in, I’ve been scouring Ravelry for a project to make with it. In the process, I’ve been able to put together a fun list of project options to help you embrace the floof.

These patterns have fluffy yarns on their own, held double, held with another yarn or even alternating stripes with more opaque yarns.

Iris Sweater by Amy Gunderson
Uma held single

Rock it Tee by Tanis Lavallee
Day Lily Sock and Dandelion Lace

Elton by Joji Locatelli
Day Lily Sock and Dandelion Lace
Mechita and Uma OR Balayage and Uma


Wisp by Caitlyn Hunter
Dandelion Lace held Double
Uma Held Double
Cirro Held Single



Stockholm Slipover by Petite Knit
Uma or Dandelion Lace
Held with Weld or Woolstok Light


Soul Sister Scarf by Sari Nordlund
Dandelion Lace or Uma
Together with Day Lily Sock or Balayage or Mechita
OR Cirro held single





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