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Deanna & Ethan's Ranch 01 Project Picks

Deanna & Ethan's Ranch 01 Project Picks

Now that the dust has settled, Deanna & Ethan want to share their top three projects for Ranch 01 with you! We still have some in stock, and Brooklyn Tweed have just informed us that they may be able to release a bit more in the coming week!  We hope you treat yourself to some Ranch 01 and that one of these projects strike your fancy.

Deanna's Picks

It's been a little more than a week now since the launch and I'm still as in love with Ranch 01 as the moment I saw it. It's basically the perfect yarn for a texture freak like me who also has a fetish for bouncy sproingy wool. I must say that the natural dye palette is even better than what I imagined. So many possibilities for playing with colour. Here are my top 3 project picks! 

Bronwyn by Melissa Wehrle
6 to 9 skeins

When I first heard about Ranch 01 I just knew that the worsted spun Rambouillet would make the smooshiest most beautiful honeycomb cables. Turns out, I was right! Ethan and I team knit this sweater in 1 week and it turned out beautifully. The cables turned out even better than I imagined, they pop right off the sweater. Thanks to Amanda for modelling the finished project.

Pop Twizzle by Lesley Anne Robinson

4 skeins

More than once, I have referred to Ranch 01 as Arbor on Steroids. It's the best parts of Arbor and Vale: Rounded smooth texture, elasticity, and that rambouillet softness, with the added bonus of a palette designed for creativity. This yarn is built to brioche! I can't wait to make my Pop Twizzle which will be a fade using the 3 indigo colours.

Furrow Cowl by Jared Flood

3 skeins (there is also a hat for 1 skein)

This is a bit of a lob ball because it was one of the patterns re-gauged by Brooklyn Tweed specifically for Ranch 01, but I can't help myself! The textured stitches just look too good to pass up. SO CRISP! A must knit cushy snuggly accessory.


Ethan's Picks

As knitters today we exist in a rarefied time where exquisite yarns and patterns flow from all over the world into our hands and we truly get to create masterpieces of knitting to enjoy for years to come. As they have for many years, Brooklyn Tweed pushes large scale sheep to skein style yarn as far as possible. Ranch 01 flows from the same ethos as Plains their previous limited edition yarn: both rambouillet and worsted spun while supporting individual farms, but Ranch 01 goes further working with Bare Ranch and Green Matters Dye Co. to create climate beneficial yarn that is truly the finest knitting experience I have had in years.

With that introduction here are my selections for some of the best garments that I think would benefit from the unique properties of Ranch 01.

Pyry by Norah Gaughan
3 skeins

I knit Pyry for my sister in law as a wedding present and I have to say that this cozy cuddly ribbed cables cape or cowl would showcase the amazing springiness of Ranch 01. If you want to wear the perfect transitional and layering piece that hugs you with warmth and would show off the variation beautifully, Pyry is the one for you.

Channel Cardigan by Jared Flood
7 to 11 skeins

There are a lot of great cardigan patterns out in the world of knitting; however, nearly every day I reach for my Channel cardigan. After seeing the stunning Channel knit by Karen Templar of the Fringe Supply Co., and knowing the amazing stitch definition of Ranch 01, I cannot think of a more perfect pairing. Cuddly and dense Ranch 01 will make the fisherman's rib and purl motifs shine.

Skiff by Jared Flood
1-2 skeins

I might be biased because as I'm writing this I'm wearing my Skiff hat (and my Channel cardigan) but I cannot think of a hat better suited to Ranch 01. Seed stitch, twining cables, a deep brim, and the perfect place for a pompom make Skiff the perfect opportunity to use one skein of Ranch 01 to the best effect.



Want a bit of a chuckle? Watch Deanna & Ethan unbox Ranch 01 for the first time! Spoiler Alert... We loved it!

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Cindi Brumpton - June 7, 2018

Great Ranch reveal video. So much fun.

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