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Ranch 02: Forbes Single Batch Yarn Release

Ranch 02: Forbes Single Batch Yarn Release

Brooklyn Tweed’s second breed-specific yarn sourced from a single ranch arrives on October 16. This single batch yarn release is uses one clipping from the Forbes Ranch so quantities are limited.

Forbes Ranch lies near Kaycee, Wyoming in the eastern valleys of the Bighorn Mountains. The Forbes family has lived here for three generations, herding their Rambouillet sheep from lowland winter pastures up into the mountains each year.

The Forbes family takes pride in raising healthy sheep with exceptional wool, while sustainably managing their pastureland. Raised in Wyoming, wool from the Forbes Rambouillet flocks traveled to Crescent Woolen Mills in Two Rivers, Wisconsin to be woolen-spun and plied into a worsted-weight yarn with plenty of springy, lightweight softness. After spinning, Ranch 02: Forbes journeyed to Caledonian Dye Works in Philadelphia to be dyed in a warm, earthy palette inspired by the rugged landscape of Wyoming’s ranchland.

Ranch 02: Forbes is a testament to connection: connection between the land, the sheep, the ranchers, and the artisans who shepherd the fiber along its supply chain

Range to Skein, Ranch 02 is crafted with care for a special knitting experience


Forbes Ranch’s flock produces fine 21.0 micron fiber for next-to-skin softness. Rambouillet sheep grow fleeces with firm crimp structure for bounce and elasticity.


Three woolen-spun plies create a yarn with the perfect pairing of loft and strength. The round cross section forms stitches with beautiful definition in cables, textured patterns, and stockinette stitch alike.


Ranch 02: Forbes reflects the sense of the place from which it comes. Each design element, from yarn construction to color palette, is inspired by the landscape of northern Wyoming, the sheep that roam the land, and the ranchers that raise them


3-ply woolen-spun worsted weight
21.0 micron Rambouillet wool
50-gram skeins / approx. 102 yds
10 ranch-inspired skein-dyed colors


100% Rambouillet wool from Forbes Ranch in Kaycee, Wyoming
Scoured at Bollman Industries in San Angelo, Texas
Spun at Crescent Woolen Mills in Two Rivers, Wisconsin
Dyed at Caledonian Dye Works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Now, what to make with this gorgeous limited-edition yarn?!

2- 3 skeins

Tillage Hat (2)
Release date October 16

A wonderful quick knit, this cozy hat is the perfect way to try to give Ranch 02 a try. We’ll be giving away a coupon for a free pattern download with the purchase of 2 skeins! Deanna has knit up a sample for the shop that you can see in person.

Scrollwork Hat (2) or Cowl (3)

Link (2-3)


4-6 skeins

Inglenook (4)

This is one of our favourite slipper sock patterns of all time. It would would squishy and perfect in Ranch 02. These are perfect for cuddling up on the couch and reading a good book.

Traveler (5)

Ranch 02 makes the cables pop! The yarn gives this cowl structure but also next to the skin softness. Grace has knit up a sample for the shop that you can try on!

Autumn Leaves (6)

A classic stole by Jared Flood, the autumnal palette of Ranch 02 pairs perfectly with the autumn leaves motif. We can imagine It in Curly Cup, Escarpment, Tobacco, and Burdock.



The roundness and stitch definition of Ranch 02 works wonderfully for colourwork! Deanna has knit up a sample in Redwall, Escarpement, Agate, and Powder River for you to check out in the shop.

Forbes (10-19 skeins)
Release date October 16

A new sweater designed by Jared Flood specifically for this yarn release. Ranch 02 gives the Forbes pullover plenty of cozy luxury. His sweater is simply constructed with minimal shaping and seams only at the underarms. Ranch 02 lends depth and sumptuous softness to the textured yoke of this classic pullover.


As soon as Deanna saw the preview of Ranch 02 she knew right away that she was going to use it in the Tobacco colourway to make this amazing cardigan from Thea Coleman.

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