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Hello De rerum natura

Hello De rerum natura

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I have been waiting more than three years to make this announcement. Since the moment I knit with Gillatt back at the beginning of 2020, I KNEW that this gorgeous yarn needed to be part of our collection. After not so patiently following up with the lovely people at De rerum natura every few months since then, they are now in a position to partner with us.

It is with great excitement that I welcome De rerum natura to our collection!! I could not be happier. We currently have Ulysse and Gilliatt in stock, and will be adding Albertine, and Cyrano in the near future.

So what makes this yarn so darn special? The very first thing that pops to mind is: Merino d’Arles.

All of the wool in De rerum natura yarns is Merino d’arles. This fine wool (21.5 microns on average) has amazing elasticity because of its strong crimp. This means the wool has a lot of spring and the yarns are naturally puffy with lots of air which makes for great yardage

For carded yarns like Cyrano, Gilliatt, and Ulysse, the Merino d’arles is blended with Portuguese brown merino to create mottled natural bases and dyed-in-the-wool heathers in a gorgeous array of colours. The worsted yarns, like Albertine, are smooth and sophisticated with a touch of silk to highlight the softness and drape of the yarn. We see Albertine as an excellent substitute for Peerie which was sadly discontinued by Brooklyn Tweed.

I am personally enamoured with Merino d’arles which is a major motivating factor, but there’s so much more to love about De rerum natura. Their commitment to animal and environmental welfare is built into every aspect of the brand.

The sheep practice transhumance across the mountain pastures in summer and are raised in the open air as much as possible. De rerum natura systematically favours certified organic farms by committing to buying the entire clip. The current number of certified farms allows them to offer 100% organic Merino d'Arles wool for the worsted spun yarns and 50% for the carded yarns.

After the wool has been carefully sorted and washed, it is cleaned by mechanical combing - not by carbonisation. You might find a few bits of plant matter here and there, but it’s worth it for a treatment that is more gentle on the fibres and less energy consuming. The wool does not undergo any bleaching or superwash treatments.

For all of the dyed yarns, they use the natural colours of the wool as much as possible and dye sparingly. Their dyes comply with the European REACH standard, one of the most restrictive in the world. The dyeing facility they use also has its own phyto-treatment plant which ensures that waste water does not contain any harmful substances.

Now that you’re excited to dig into this yarn, another benefit is that there is a TON of project inspiration on Ravelry.  I’ve rounded up some of my favourite ideas in Gilliatt and Ulysse Below. You can view all of my pattern ideas on Ravelry here:


Sylvie P by Isabell Kraemer
Ulysse - 5 to 7 balls of MC and 2 to 3 balls of CC

A cozy and sporty unisex cardigan that is perfect with jeans. I love the relaxed vibe of this sweater.

Mare by Natasja Hornby
Ulysse - 5 balls of MC and 3 balls of CC

I’m almost finished knitting this one as a shop sample. It has a lot to keep things interesting. German short row shaping at the beginning, Mosaic colourwork, and texture. 

Hestia Slippers by Mieka John
Ulysse - 1 ball of MC, 1 ball of CC, and rovings for lining

Do you have 52 weeks of socks? This is a great way to give Ulysse a try with a cozy little slipper project. Even if you don’t, the pattern is now available for single download from Ravelry.

Escher Threefold Cowl by Simone Bechtold
Ulysse - 1 ball each of 3 colours

A cozy little graphic cowl that’s knit in the round and grafted together to trap all those floats on the inside.

Driftlines by Shannon Cook
Gilliatt - 2 balls

Driftlines is a perfectly relaxing – but definitely not boring – knit that features a fun design. The hybrid construction of Driftlines makes it a unique pattern, combining both a shawl and a cowl in one.

Catch of the day by Heidi Kirrmaier
Gilliatt - 4 balls to 6 balls

Who doesn’t love a Fisherman style pullover? I’m especially interested in this one because of the modern knitterly details. Gilliatt will make this sweater light and cozy.

Lumme by Sari Nordlund
Gilliatt - 3 to 6 balls of MC, and 1 to 2 balls of CC. Choose high contrast for best result

Colourwork shines in the DeRerum carded yarns. A high contrast combination in Gilliatt will make this pattern pop. Lot of other knitters on ravelry have used this yarn with great results.

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