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One Sock Knit Along

One Sock Knit Along

The sock is the last pattern, on the last page, in the last chapter, of the knitting book.

In fact, I know many knitters who have done exquisite lace shawls, wonderful colour work sweaters, but have never touched a sock.

Here’s the thing- It’s not that they’re hard.

It’s just that they pack a pretty big wallop when it comes to dipping into your knitting skill set. Socks are a culmination of everything you’ve likely learned so far.

Short rounds, knit togethers, slipped stitches, increases, decreases, picking up stitches and seaming all take place in one relatively small project.

I’ve been knitting socks for years. There is a reason why I’m the Sock Lady at Needles in the Hay (actually I don’t know if anyone else but me calls me that, but let’s keep it going).

I learned socks right after I learned how to make scarves. 

It was a desire sprung from a blog post by the first owner of Needles in the Hay, when Bridget posted a picture of her Wallflower socks on the website.

It blew me right out of the water.

I didn’t know such wonderous things could be knit by human hands.

I vowed then and there to make them myself.

I grabbed the pattern, the wool and was determined to do it, ignoring the fact that I had never properly closed a hat.

Within five minutes of reading through that pattern I was discouraged and pretty frustrated.

Almost none of it made sense to me. 

What exactly does one do with a gusset? And this instep? That’s the inside of the foot? But also the top? What’s with the heel flap? Why not turn the work? And why are all these stitches all divided up like this?

Sock patterns can seem very complicated. And I think that complicated appearance can overwhelm the best of us.

Enter the One Sock pattern.

It’s a pattern written for absolute beginner sock knitters, taking you through each step from cuff to toe.


It’s also a great resource for experienced sock knitters, because it walks you through the process of customizing socks to fit YOUR feet. It also shows you how to add stripes or contrasting heels and toes to make your socks just how you want them to be. It dials back the jargon and gets sock yarn where it needs to be-on your needles, and from there, your feet.

Feeling inspired? You’re in luck!

The Fibre Co. and Kate Atherley are hosting a One Sock KAL, complete with How-To tutorials and we’re joining in!

The Fibre Co. are hosting a cast-on party June 1 at noon (5pm BST)

I know, I know, it’s a bit of an awkward time.

But don’t worry.

Daphne and the folks at Fibre Co. will start uploading how-to videos on June 2.

During the cast on party, Daphne, founder of the Fibre Co., will start things off by telling us about 'How to make the perfect sock yarn'. Then Kate Atherley will chat about the One Sock pattern, and finally Renée Callahan will describe how the KAL (and the prizes!) will work. There will be time for a few questions at the end.

To compliment the KAL, we’re hosting a few gatherings of our own online.

Our Saturday One Sock Social takes place June 5 at 10 a.m. and is open to everyone who wants to sock away (haha) a little virtual time with your fellow knitters.

We’ll meet up again a week later on June 12 at 10 a.m., to check in on how we’re all doing, admire our projects and provide a little encouragement and advice.


There are, of course, a few prerequisites.

We’re asking that you knit the One Sock pattern in a sock yarn of your choosing, or you join in the KAL with a pattern of your choice but using Amble, and we’re asking that whatever yarn you’re using be purchased from Needles in the Hay.

To help make things a little easier, we’re even offering One Sock kits upgrades (PRINTED PATTERNS NOW SOLD OUT. YOU CAN STILL GET ONE SOCK HERE FROM RAVELRY) using the wonderfully colourful, wonderfully ecologically-friendly Amble.

It’s a lovely, soft, Merino/Alpaca blend which uses recycled nylon. Easy on the eyes, easy on the feet and easy on the earth. What’s better than that?

I’ll be making the One Sock with a few modifications. I’m doing the main body in Amble’s Cross Paths, with some stripes, the heel and toe in Heathland. I like to think of it as a softer take on the classic work sock.

Visit and get your orders in!

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