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Let's Cast on our "One Sock"!

Let's Cast on our "One Sock"!

So. You’ve read my earlier blog article and you still need a little convincing to join us?

Allow me to champion the humble knit sock a little more.

  1. If you can knit a sock, you can knit anything. It’s 100% correct. Socks use almost every skill you’ve learned in knitting, and if you didn’t know it before, you’ll know it by the time you finish your first pair. After learning socks everything came much easier for me. I cackled my way through my first mittens, boasted and bragged as I made my first lace shawl (my friend says I was being a jerk but I really wasn’t, I just found it super easy). Knit a sock, and the world is yours.
  2. There are many different ways to knit socks, and all of them are fine. You don’t come across that too often. Whether you prefer double pointed needles, magic loop or two pairs of circulars, you’re almost guaranteed to find a way to knit socks in a way that works for how you like to knit.
  3. Socks are very budget friendly (unless you have a sock yarn addiction, but I’m talking individual skeins here). A skein of sock yarn can run from $10 to $40. Unless you’re making a hat, it’s not often you’ll be able to make a hand knit garment for that price. On top of that they don’t require a whole lot of notions and there are a lot of great free sock patterns out there.
  4. Socks can go wherever you go. Most of the time it’s a one skein project. Taking the GO to Toronto? Pop that project right in your purse. Sitting on the back deck with a drink under the warm evening sun? So is your sock project, and there’s no fussing back and forth with extra skeins. Stuck on a Zoom meeting you couldn’t care less about? Boom! Secret sock project in your lap. It’s so small, no one is the wiser.
  5. Wearing knit socks is the greatest feeling ever. As I get older I find I can no longer abide cold feet. Knit socks are the perfect solution when you’re feeling a chill.
  6. Giving socks as a gift is the second greatest feeling. Everyone loves knit socks, and you’re the hero of any celebration as soon as you hand those bad boys over to one lucky Son of a Gun.
  7. Lastly, but not leastly, sock yarn is the most colourful, most unique, most cheerful of all the yarns. It is just the best. Don’t bother arguing with me, I will die on this hill.

So now that there is no way you're not convinced to cast on a pair of Socks, let's get started with the One Sock Knit Along!

If you missed the Cast-On Party no problem! CLICK HERE to watch the recording.

If you've got your Yarn, your One Sock Pattern and your needles. You're ready to Cast-On right NOW. Check out this fantastic tutorial on how to get started by knitting teacher Renee Callaghan. It covers both Double Pointed Needles and Magic Loop.

 Our First One Sock Social is Saturday June 5 at 10am. Join in for additional support and to get in some virtual facetime with your fellow knitters.


Depending on where you like to join in with online Knit Alongs, you can find continuing posts and video tutorials as follows from the Fibre Co as follows:




You can Also join the Needles in the Hay Virutal Knit Along Group on Facebook here:

Need more info? Take a look back at my earlier blog article with all of the KAL details or give us a call at the shop. See you on Zoom!

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